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Ways Of Locating And Repairing Drafty Spots. It is necessary to deal with the drafty areas in your home. In order to find the surfaces with the opening, you should focus on the areas likely to have them. After locating the areas, mend them by sealing with the suitable material. Heat loss could occur through these gaps found in the doors, windows and on the walls. Fixing these problematic spots help to reduce the energy wasted and also the heat loss. Draughts in the house reduces the time the house stays warm when using a heater. In order to locate the draughts rapidly, it`s important to look into the areas likely to have them. Windows have a high chance of containing the draughts. In ancient windows; this scenario is most likely to happen. Though it is an ideal alternative, replacing an old window with one that conserves energy is expensive. You can, therefore, address this problem by using window insulation kits consisting of a double-faced tape or a plastic shrink film. The tape should be applied to the outer edge of the window frame. A hair dryer should be used to make it firm after attaching the malleable file to it. Curtains that are made of quilt are an alternative in covering the draughty areas. Check out all electrical switches and outlets in the home to locate the leaks. This is a potential source of heat loss too. This can easily be fixed independently by using a foam outlet or gaskets. Between the drywall edge and the outlet boxes, the items are used to cover the opening and prevent heat leakage. This results in a perfect airtight seal that reduces heat loss in areas around your home. Another item that can be used in to bring the same effect is an insulated foam in a container. After spraying into the openings around the outlet boxes, cut with a knife. To control the amount of foam that goes into the opening; a long tube adapter is used which normally comes with the can.
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Check out the concrete blocks and slat surface as well. This involves going into the basement and crawl spaces and using your hand to run along the sill plates. You should feel air leaks in those areas which mean heat loss.
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Try and locate heat loss gaps around the toe kicks covers of the cabinet. A heating person can do an extension that fits into the present boot. It should also allow the cover to fit inside while enabling it to open and close easily.