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Check Your Sperm Count with an App The sperm count application is a new technology that can be able to identify if your partner’s swimmers are ready for the babymaking process. The sperm count application found on smartphones, can be used by people who have been trying to conceive for a while without any success. The female partners may be using the ovulation predictors correctly but she has not yet conceived. For the man to try and see if their partner will conceive they ay have purchased a sperm count lit. The kit shows how the sperms moves and how many they are. This have changed recently because the FDA approved a sperm count test using the smartphone. The of the application is to count the number of sperms, their quality and how they swim. Now the men can be able to measure their sperm count and the quality of their sperm using the smartphone application in their homes. The Yo sperm test uses a mini-scope clip that is inserted at the top of your phone. This allows the mini-scope clip to access the light of your phone where it focuses and records the capabilities. After you have prepared your sample and you have stuck it on the clip and inserted it on the phone you will start seeing how the sperm is moving on your phone’s screen. After a few minutes the results will be ready and as you wait for the app will be providing you with some cheeky sperm trivia that will lighten the mood. The application records your results and the video obtained. For the last four years the Yo home sperm test application have received extensive testing. The application is able to read the sperm sample accurately as long as the instructions are followed carefully. This is a reliable application because it gives you 97% accurate results. This is an over the counter products. So the application may not give you accurate values but it will show you how low, moderate and normal your sperm mobility is and their concentration based on the WHO. From the test you will receive a composite result of two parameters known as the sperm count concentration and the number of the moving sperms.
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In some cases, you will not receive actual low results but you will get moderate and normal results. The application has two tests that are why it gives such results. Based on different factors the sperm count changes that is why the two tests must be conducted. Once you have conducted the first test, stay for one week or two and conduct the next. The application is a good reference for the user or a physician and they get more information.A 10-Point Plan for Apps (Without Being Overwhelmed)