A Man’s Guide to Overcoats

Not everyone can wear a high-quality overcoat most people that are buying it want to be taken seriously. People will have a certain opinion on you when you are well-dressed and overcoats are great to make a good first impression when you are meeting someone important for your business. There are different types which came out recently. If you are wearing a suit and it is cold outside, the only acceptable outerwear is an overcoat.

There are many terms nowadays and the majority of people don’t know the difference between greatcoat, topcoat and overcoat. Greatcoat has a military history and it’s heavier and bulky. An overcoat that is lightweight is a topcoat. They will always look classy but you still need to pick the right for your size. It’s great that we now have custom overcoats so you can make one suited for you. Before you buy one, you need to know the difference in quality.

Quality Overcoats

Like any other part of clothing, it needs to make you look great, fit you and be warm depending on the season. The first thing you need to look at is the fabric. It’s usually the goal to get something that is high-quality and will last for a long time. In that case, make sure it is 100% wool. Weight is also an important factor meaning that heavier ones are more durable and last longer.

You can find them made out of cashmere which is warm and soft but it isn’t very durable and moths damage them. The prices can vary depending on the material but you should know that quality wool will be as soft as cashmere. If you buy a combination with 10 to 20% cashmere, you wouldn’t be making a mistake.

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In most situations, you will be wearing gloves with it and the sleeves should cover the suit sleeve. Popular brands are constantly experimenting with the design but the length supposes to cover everything, all the way to the ankles. It can happen that during the season you won’t need to have that long coat so you can consider other options. Nowadays, the most popular version is knee-length.

It would be best if you have both lengths and you can switch whenever you want. When wearing an overcoat, it’s recommended to wear a suit jacket or a sportscoat and a shirt so the coat will fit on top of it. There are different styles where younger men prefer a trimmer fit over looser fit. You will know that it’s too tight when it wrinkles when buttoning it.

Style and Construction

The main styles are double-breasted overcoat and single-breasted overcoat. The difference is that double-breasted type has 2 layers of fabric so people wear it when it is colder outside and it’s more formal. When you want to check the quality, look at how it was sewn. Fused canvas can be seen at less expensive overcoats. More expensive ones have sewn canvas. You can expect more durability from sewn canvas and the glued interlining can detach after a few years. The fully canvassed overcoat is recommended for those who have enough money to invest in quality clothing.

Where to Buy It?

Some of the popular brands are over exaggerating with their prices but you get what you pay for. For a smaller price, you can get high-quality if you know where to look for. There are rising brands that are looking for more customers so they keep their prices lower. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get something that will last for a long time and what will always be in trend. Read more here.

Something that is relatively new is online shops that will customize the product for you. Even you can do the customization but it would be best if you have a professional designer to do it for you. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can hire someone you know or a freelancer. The thing with these shops is that you need to do research about them so you will be sure they are doing a good job. You won’t be able to check the material so you will have to rely on their word and reviews from other buyers.

Chesterfield and Covert Coat

One of the oldest types is the Chesterfield coat. It hasn’t changed much over time and some of its features include a single back vent, no cuffs, straight side pockets, velvet collar, short, notched lapel, single-breasted fly front and no waist seams or front darts. It’s generally charcoal or grey and knee-long. If you need a business coat, this one is a great option.

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Very similar to Chesterfield is The Covert coat originally made for outdoors and hunting. The original material is sturdy so it can protect the wearer from harsh weather and similar problems. It changed through time and it isn’t as heavy as before. The color is very recognizable with brownish-green design. The hallmark of it is the rows of contrast stitching. It’s not the best choice for business occasions but it can last for a couple of decades.

Paletot and Polo Coat

Paletot is a fairly short type which came from France and it has many features. It can be single or double-breasted, without or with pleats and with or without pockets. It’s a classic business overcoat which is flat back without a belt and can be semi-fitted to fitted. It must have peaked lapels and most people buy a double-breasted type with 6×2 button design. It’s very versatile with dark, plain fabric.

Everyone is familiar with Polo which originates in England and their coats were usually worn by Polo game players. Every player wore it after the game and people recognized the trend that was about to happen. It had patch pockets, six to eight buttons, you could get it with a full belt or half-belt and it was made out of camel hair which gave it golden, tan color. Read this for more info.