How to Tell If Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy?

Female tutor and little girl counting with abacus in playroom

Doesyour child have problems with day-to-day activities at home, in school or thecommunity? Do they experience difficulties that seem unusual? If you’veanswered yes to any of these two questions, then there’s a good chance thatyour child needs occupational therapy.

Simply put, occupational therapy is a treatment that supports a kid and their family when they experience problems in the following areas:

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills refer to a child’s ability to execute precise movements with hands, wrists, toes and the like. If your child is battling with excellent motor skills, they might have difficulty with any of the following:

Holding objects such as toys, pencils, cups and the like

  • unable to secure zippers, buttons, shoelaces
  • trouble colouring, drawing, tracing, prewriting shapes
  • Poor handwriting, letter/number development
  • Withdrawing from activities that require great motor skills

Gross motor skills

Gross motor …

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