Personal Experience When Michele my Child Uses The Amber Teething Necklace

There are so many new things that I face about Michele, my first baby when he growth up. I often face new things in a panic. for example, when Michele first got sick at the age of 2 months, because I heard that the baby’s child had to be warm, I was holding him as thick as possible. the result was Michele heat was even higher, I immediately cried in real time. There is another first test for diaper rash; Michele suddenly suffered a severe diaper rash at the age of 1 month, because I fell asleep and was late in changing his diaper. Michele cried during the bathing session, and could not calm down when drinking milk again.

I joined in crying. oh God, my husband and Michele can go through periods of introduction and adjustment until now. but the journey is still long. Well, for the topic of dental growth in infants, there are several symptoms that are closely linked. Diarrhea, fever, like to bite, hands go into the mouth, drool you name it. I already asked for forgiveness. Luckily, Michele had never experienced symptoms of diarrhea and fever during teething; but he really likes to put his hand into his mouth and bite everything. the grief times his gums, and if it’s forbidden, he will like a bored if we are busy browsing, the quota suddenly runs out. Haha.

I have tried to buy various kinds of teether to help relieve it. from the round shape and the cheap price, to the odd shape and the price is quite expensive, nothing really successful to relieve Michele. The peak was when Michele was even 15 months old, Michele was sick of coughing cold and fever. I’m not fond of eating, I don’t want to drink milk, his hand goes into my mouth, his face is lethargic and angry. After two visits to the doctor, it turns out he caught a cold, was allergic and had teething. Just worthy he’s really fussy, really pity.

Incidentally the next day my husband went to Java and he got a share from his aunt that the aunt’s grandson was growing a lot and was in a severe tantrum phase until finally the grandson’s amber beads and tantrums were bought away. As a contemporary girl, I immediately browse and collect information and testimonials of these Baltic Amber teething necklaces. Who knows the necklace can also help calm Michele.

This Baltic Amber teething necklace is made of amber tree resin that settles for years. These amber amber stones can come from anywhere, but the most popular ones come from the Baltic region, in the Scandinavian region of Europe there. There is no scientific information that I can find that proves that this amber stone can really relieve pain, but because I am very curious to prove it myself, I am looking for online shops that sell it, because there is no one selling me in my town. Not until an hour, I found the online Amber Bead shop based in online shop.

And, after 2 more weeks of use, I can say that Michele is more calm and less often puts his hand in his mouth, beside, Michele looks more handsome haha. so far I’m happy with the purchase of this Baltic Amber teething necklace.

Here is Michele with the Baltic Amber teething necklace: