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Nutrients in A Cup: 5 Ways

It is a fact that water is beneficial for us and almost all of us know about it already. The clarity and pureness of water makes it a necessary component in our body which should be consumed daily to make us feel quenched and hydrated. There are no calories in water but at the same has minerals to nourish the human body. Sixty percent of our body system contains water. Water helps flush out toxins present in the body that is why it is essential to keep on drinking water. However, there are some that do not fancy drinking a lot of water daily. It is good to know that alternatives are provided to increase fluid intake in a healthy way.

Since birth, we were already introduced to milk. Milk is good not only for babies or children, but for adults as well.Milk contains protien, good fat and calcium. The amount of calcium that a glass of milk has can level to more than one serving of vegetables. Day or night, either way, you will still enjoy the richness of a glass of milk.

Not a lot of people like the thought of drinking vegetables but it is a healthy go-to drink that they have not discovered yet. You can adjust the taste to make it sweet or tangy by juicing the vegetables with fruits. Appreciation of the vegetable juice is possible once the taste buds get used to the flavor. To make it even enjoyable, add two or more fruits or mix various vegetables into the juicer. You will also need a good juicer to make a potent concoction.

If vegetable juice does not suit our palate, you can try natural fruit juices. Fruits have different sugar levels, therefore, it is ideal to dilute the freshly juiced fruit to reduce the sugar in a glass serving.

Green tea is another type of drink that a lot of people enjoy and a lot also do not like. There are a lot of green teas to choose from to which all are essentially beneficial to our health. A green tea like Ashitaba is one to consider. Ashitaba is a high quality tea that helps stimulate brain activities. If you want to live longer, try consuming Ashitaba green tea. Ashitaba is also known to help lose weight because of the content that it has to burn unhealthy body fats. Adding some extra flavor to the simple tasting green tea can make a difference when consumed. Making your own tea is possible, especially with Ashitaba leaves.

If you do not like a warm drink then prepare the opposite of it. Green tea is then drinkable whether warm or cold.

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