The Right Steps in Custom Synthesis

Constantly evolving and changing science leads to the emergence of new areas and fields of research and with them new disciplines with their tasks and trends. As a result of this process, some scientific directions gradually lose their significance, while others disappear altogether. Quality education and educational technologies must respond in a timely manner to the changes taking place in fundamental and applied science.

One of the unsolved problems in this direction is the introduction of new disciplines for many specialties. The solution of such problems is complicated by the fact that the training of specialists in higher education is carried out in accordance with the Federal educational standards of higher professional education, which are usually valid for five years. Changes in the list of disciplines are possible only at the level and within the variable part of the curriculum for training specialists. However, this part of the curriculum is developed by the educational institution independently and cannot yet be harmonized between universities, which can cause problems in the exchange of students and the unification of the training of specialists.

The Right Stage

At the present stage, the level of scientific research in highly developed countries, is so high that it allows you to create chemicals with desired properties or a certain biological activity, which, above all, refers to drugs. For the custom synthesis LLC this is important.

  • Recently, considerable attention has been paid to the development of methods that allow an a priori assessment of the properties of chemical compounds, based on the structural formula, even before their synthesis and testing in laboratories, that is, in siliko. This approach can significantly expand the search for the active molecule, reduce the time required to create a new drug, and reduce the cost of commercializing a pharmaceutical product. However, the accuracy of such calculations and their results are not always confirmed in the experiment due to the fact that there are a number of difficultly formalizable properties of drugs that are not very amenable to similar calculations and systematization.
  • Despite such a huge number of biologically active compounds, which passes all stages of preclinical and clinical trials, both at foreign and domestic clinical sites, the rate of creation of new original medicines is reduced annually due to increasing requirements for efficacy, safety, requirements for these finished commercial products.

To date, such traditional sources of obtaining medicines as plant objects, microbial metabolites, endogenous neurotransmitters and hormones, have lost their relevance for many reasons. The main ones are the laboriousness of obtaining individual compounds, the problems of producing a product with a high degree of purity, and high-throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry did not lead to the expected breakthrough in the creation of original drugs.