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What Are Your Best Toenail Fungus Treatment Options? For anyone who’s suffering from toenail fungus, the foremost response is to go to the doctor and have it checked. Nonetheless, it is quite true that not everyone is fond of going to the doctor. If you happen to be one of those who don’t have time to go to the doctor, you still have other options for treating your toenail fungus infection, including the use of over-the-counter creams and lotions as well as natural remedies made out of common household products. For this post, let’s talk about the different treatment options available for you and it’s up to you to decide which approach will best serve your need for treatment of your toenail fungus. Let’s begin with what a doctor is expected to prescribe to you.
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1 – Terbinafine
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It is hard to argue which best toenail fungus treatment is, but if there’s one that comes really close to it, it should be terbinafine. This one comes in the form of a pill and has to be taken once a day for about nine to twelve weeks, depending on your response to it. 2 – Griseofulvin This prescription medication on the other hand should be taken twice each day and should never be halted if the infection is still there. Doctors even prescribe griseofulvin to people who are already suffering from a severe case of toenail fungus. 3 – Zetaclear Although it’s not technically a prescription medication, Zetaclear remains to be one of the best nail fungus treatments out there. It is popular for its two-step system using natural ingredients to not just kill the fungus but also prevent future infections from happening. If you’re not ready to go to the doctor to get a prescription, then your best bet for the moment are do-it-yourself treatments that can easily be made at home. Several types of home remedies are effective against toenail infection because they are made of specific ingredients that can naturally fight off or kill fungi. 1 – Tea tree oil Tea tree oil has been used all throughout history as an effective treatment for fungus. Considering that it is widely available in different parts of the world, it therefore is one of the most convenient ways of killing off the fungus in toenails. According to those who have used it and were healed, they saw progress after just three weeks of application. 2 – Cinnamon oil extract If you have trouble finding tea tree oil, the next option is cinnamon oil extract. But the approach is different on this one as you will have to soak the infected toenails in water mixed with about two percent of the cinnamon oil extract. 3 – White vinegar Your last option happens to be something that you definitely have at home – white vinegar. You simply need to soak your feet in white vinegar twice a day to slowly kill the infection.