Get your perfect smile in Krakow

Teeth are very important aspects nowadays. It is important to look after them and do everything in your power to achieve strong and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is very complicated and extremely expensive to do it in your home country and for those reasons, it is worth to choose dental tourism in Poland.

The reasons of visiting Poland

Poland is a fantastic country located in the heart of Europe that is consisted of amazing sights, green areas and nature wonders. Moreover, the patients who arrive in the country, may count on much more than they think. Some of those reasons are following:

– professional dental care- the dentists have graduated from reputable universities and have numerous experiences. Moreover, they are also communicated in English, so the patients do not have to be worried about language misunderstandings.

– dental implants offered in reasonable prices – implants are the most popular forms of dental treatment. When it comes to Polish dental centres, the implants are available about four times cheaper than in the United Kingdom or the United States and it is the same product that will be offered by your local dentist.

– cheap holidays in Poland- while you are in Poland and your teeth are treated, you may enjoy sightseeing of the country. Furthermore, it is worth to underline that Polish currency is four times cheaper than Euro or American Dollar, so you are able to afford more in Poland than in your home town.

Why is it worth to stay in Krakow?

The dental tourism in Poland is available in every major city, such as Warsaw (the capital of Poland), Gdansk and Krakow. However, if you really love to visit some unique places, it is definitely worth to stay in Krakow.

Krakow is located in the southern region of Poland, in Malopolska region. It borders Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It is also located close to the highest mountains in Poland – the Tatry Mountains. While you are in Krakow, it is worth to visit the main tourist attractions, such as:

– Saint Mary’s Church- it is a real landmark of the city. It is a Gothic church that is located on the market square. You should be here at noon when the St. Mary’s trumpet call is played.

– The Main Market Square- it is a place where you may see the greatest buildings of the city, such as Saint Mary’s Church, the Cloth Hall, the Town Hall Tower, Adam Mickiewicz’s monument and many more. There are also placed cafés and restaurants where you may try delicious Polish food.