Not Exercise, it Turns Out this is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

You’re trying to lose a few pounds? It must have been memorized by this classic mantra: diet and exercise.

However, you also know how difficult it is to maintain a balance of weight in both ways, simultaneously. Well, of both ways, which gives the most significant impact in to lose belly fat  Does sport 4 times a week in the gym or keep the diet?

Professor of sports science at the University of Texas, from Philip Stanforth gave a surprising answer. “Research tends to show that in losing weight, diet has a greater role than exercise,” said Stanforth, as quoted from page Science Alert.

Here’s the explanation. Exercise requires consistent time and effort. And it took a while to see the results, says Stanforth.

Sports, he says. only burns a few calories from what we think so far. If you want to burn more calories, it will take longer.

Alternatively, there are plenty of foods high in sugar, fat, and calories that we can remove from our breakfast, lunch and dinner list. Yes, the diet has a significant effect on the circumference of our stomach – sometimes in a short time.

Stanforth gives an example. You must walk 56 kilometers (km) to burn 3,500 calories. “That’s a lot of roads,” he said.

However, if you control what you eat, for example a pack of Snickers containing 500 calories. “It would be much easier to remove a pack of Snickers instead of having to walk 8 km every day,” he explained.

A study of 20 studies – involving more than 3,000 people and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 – suggests that there is a high protein linkage and eating low-calorie foods related to people losing weight. The results of diet are better when compared to exercise.

In a 2011 study examining the relationship between fat stacks and activity in children also showed a similar trend, I.e. active moves are likely not the main determinants in terms of unhealthy weight in children.

However, the sport is still a role – later. Other studies have shown, weight loss when someone eats properly and sports regularly.

Besides sports also provide other benefits, ranging from helping improve the positive mood, protect us from the negative effects of aging, and help us manage symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

So, if you want to lose weight in this year, try organizing your diet. And if you want to keep going, move on