This is the Most Powerful Reason Why Women Want To Diet

All the way women have done to reduce body weight. Starting from a diet, limiting caloric intake as well as sugar and exercise routine. However, the weight did not go down.

This fact is inversely proportional to the adam. They are easier to lose weight with less effort, but faster results are seen.

Indeed there are some men who have to fight harder to lose weight, but in general men are more fortunate. In other words, it is true if women are more difficult to lose weight than men.

In research in 2014, fat men and women are asked to do four different diets. After two months, no matter the type of diet, the men managed to achieve significant weight loss compared to the women.

The injustice is actually triggered by biological factors. First, men are physically bigger, with more muscle. That means they have faster metabolism.

“Men need more calories to keep their weight, so if they reduce their caloric intake, even a little bit, they are more likely to achieve a calorie deficit and lose weight,” says Jessica A.Cunane, a certified exercise dietitian.

Second, men and women have very different hormonal levels. The women had testosterone 15-20 percent less. In fact, this hormone triggers fat burning and muscle forming.

Research by 2016 by Yale University also shows, women have higher estrogen and progesterone levels that contribute to snacking appetite.

After a fertile period, female estrogen levels will fall and progesterone increases. So, between the time of ovulation and menstruation, women consume about 238 more calories each day. Excess calories that can produce weight gain of about 4.5 to 9 kilograms per year.

Thyroid hormone levels, which regulate weight and metabolism, are also very different among men and women. dont worry various healthy snacks for diet will help you lose weight.

“Thyroid hormone disorders are also more common in women, the risk of low thyroid levels occurring during pregnancy, after childbirth, and around menopause,” said Brunilda Naziro, a physician in hormone specialist medicine.

Meanwhile, women strongly believe that diet is an effective way to lose weight, with 71 percent saying the diet is very influential for her work.


In addition, half of the respondents said they had made lifestyle changes, eliminating unhealthy foods and beverages.


As reported by page Daily Mail, Tuesday (21/1/2014), almost 92 percent of women lose weight due to diet. Meanwhile, 85 percent of women say doing calorie calculations after weight loss.