This Unique Necklace Turns out to Have Many Benefits

The necklace is called Baltic Amber Beads Teething Necklace.

And this time I want to discuss the product from Baltic Proud called Baltic Amber Beads Teething Necklace or commonly called the Amber Teething Necklace.

What is a Baltic amber beads teething necklace?

Maybe for those who don’t know, or feel familiar, Amber Beads is a resin from pine trees 20-50 million years ago, which each grain contains succinic acid. Where the content of Succinic Acid itself has various benefits including:


  • relieves inflammation or gum pain in teething babies.
  • gives a calm effect without medication during sleep, so sleep better.
  • reduce excessive saliva.
  • stabilize emotions.
  • toxic waste.
  • natural pain relief, both joint pain or a headache.
  • stress relief.
  • relieve fever.
  • and long-term use can strengthen the immune system

then the granules of amber were processed and formed into necklaces or bracelets.

The usage is easy, just put it behind the clothes and hit the baby’s skin, so the amber beads catch the baby’s body heat and remove succinic acid which helps relieve the symptoms of teething.

There is a unique fact about the use of amber beads, maybe this amber beads is like giving a ‘comfortable’ effect to the child, and Luna can feel it possible. So when you first put on the baby, he did not show any signs of agony, not dragged or asked to dislodge. Even though luna is rather difficult when wearing accessories.

Oh yes, the effect and response of the Amber beads necklace are different for each child, there are fast ones that are slow. It just happens that in the Luna case it is relatively fast to see its benefits.

Amber Beads, if we study again on many websites, it is still pros and cons, some say it does not affect it, just suggest it, it can even endanger the child because of fear of being swallowed. Indeed, it can be a consideration that a typical child who likes to put things in his mouth, huh.

For this matter, back to the decision and mindset of each, yes, just for me personally, Amber Bead Necklace has quite the same effect as the drama Launa grows teeth.

Okay, so for the review of the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.